Project Preparation Checklist

In project preparation activities, you are basically looking for information about six key issues:

  1. Is there an enabling environment for my project?
    (What institutions support my project?  Is there legislation in place to help or hinder my project)
  2. Is my project clearly defined?
    (Are the out-puts clearly defined?  Are the partners identified?)
  3. Is my project feasible?
    (Is there sufficient organizational, financial and social capacity to sponsor my project?)
  4. How will my project be structured?
    (Will it be a public or private sector project?  Is there a legal structure in place?)
  5. What are the transaction and closure procedures in my project?
    (How and when will all the documents be signed?)
  6. How will my project implementation be monitored? 
    (What is the monitoring strategy for my project?)

To make this process easier, ICA has developed a project preparation check list.  We suggest you download this check list and complete the form.  By doing so early-on you will see where the gaps are in your project preparation tasks – and this check list will keep you more focused and will make sure your final project preparation is done accurately. 

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