Introduction to the Fund Finder

Over the years, too many great ideas for renewable energy, transportation, water and communications technology projects have died on the vine because managers and promoters could not finance the project preparation phase - meaning the entire spectrum of activities that have to take place before an infrastructure project can be of interest to a potential financier.

To unlock this infrastructure project pipeline, the ICA introduces The Fund Finder.  This is a searchable database that helps project promoters and managers locate funding to start the institutional, legal, social, environmental, financial, regulatory, engineering and advisory services that are needed to go from a concept to a clearly defined and properly structured project with a clear identification and allocation of risk.

Project Preparation Fund Finder was designed to be used by both a fund seeker and a funding facility. If you are a project manager or promoter, you can search the database for funding facilities.  If you are a funding facility, you can apply on-line to be part of the data-base. 

Disclaimer: The Project Preparation Fund Finder was compiled on behalf of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) and is based on the Project Preparation Facilities User Guide, commissioned and published by the ICA and the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) in 2006.  The list of funding facilities within the database of Fund Finder has been reviewed by ICA.The Project Preparation Fund Finder was developed to function as a platform for the exchange of project preparation funding information.  Toward that end, ICA makes every effort to secure accurate and timely information about funding facilities, however, ICA does not guarantee the accuracy of fund source availability and does not engage in actual funding transactions.

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