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If you are a manager or promoter of an infrastructure project, your first task it is to engage in a spectrum of mandatory activities and studies before your infrastructure project will be of interest to a potential financier. This is referred to as project preparation. 

The activities in project preparation include regulatory, legal and environmental studies as well as several advisory services.  Essentially, you want to get information about six key issues:

  1. Is there an enabling environment for my project?
  2. Is my project clearly defined?
  3. Is my project feasible?
  4. How will my project be structured?
  5. What are the transaction and closure procedures in my project?
  6. How will the implementation of my project be monitored? 

To make this process easier, ICA has developed a project preparation check list.  We suggest you download this check list and complete the form.  By doing so early-on you will see where the gaps are in your project preparation tasks – and this check list will keep you more focused. 
You may also scroll through the List of Funders to align your project with the requirements of the funders.  You scroll through the list in alphabetical order – or you can use the advanced search option and in-put specific data that will align you with potential funders. 

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