What is the Fund Finder?

The Project Preparation Fund Finder (Fund Finder) is a searchable database that provides important information on project preparation and funding sources for Africa Infrastructure.

It is designed to help project promoters, managers and financiers locate funding that will get their projects started and will ultimately to lead their projects to financial close.

Also, as more people use The Project Preparation Fund Finder, there will be more valuable data about new projects – allowing ICA to provide analysis and information about infrastructure project financing on the African continent.

Is there a fee for using the Fund Finder?

No, there is no fee.  Fund Finder is free of charge to all users.

Do I need an account to use the Project Preparation Fund Finder?

If you are a fund seeker or you simply want to browse through site you do not need an account.

If you are a funding facility and you want to post your organization, you will require an account.

You can register free of charge and create an account. It is a very easy process. It takes just a few minutes. When you register you can add your funding details at the same time.

How can I create an account to post my Funding Facility?

You can create an account in the "For Funding Facilities" section by clicking on the "Create an Account" link.

Remember, it is quick, free-of-charge and easy to share information about your project preparation facility.

To create your account, the ICA requests the following information:

  • Email: Use your e-mail address to sign in and manage your facility.
  • Password:  Protect your account by choosing a secure password. When creating a password, be sure to choose a unique password of at least 8 characters.

Multiple users (optional): You may invite additional colleagues to use and manage the data of your facility by entering their e-mail address. An automated message will be sent to their e-mail address notifying them of your invitation to participate.

Who manages the Fund Finder?

The Fund Finder was developed by the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA).  The ICA manages the Fund Finder and we do our best to make sure the funding information is accurate at all times, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the funding data.  If you are a funding facility, we encourage you to up-date the information regularly.  If you have any questions about this please feel free to send us an email at:  icasecretariat@afdb.org

What languages may I use in the fund finder ?

Fund Finder is available in both English and French. You may add and manage your Facility data in either English or French language, whichever you prefer.
The Fund Finder Administrator will translate your information to another language. We encourage you to log on and check this is correct and contact the Administrator is changes are required.

How do I update my funding information in the fund finder ?

For all updates to your Facility, go to the "For Funding Facilities" section and log in to your account.
You can add, change, delete or upload new documents. Once you have finished your corrections, click “submit” to save your data.  If you any questions or difficulties up-dating your information please contact the ICA at: icasecretariat@afdb.org

How can I delete my funding facility from fund finder ?

To delete a facility, please contact us using the "Support" form in this section.
After informing the ICA Secretariat that you wish to have your facility taken off the Fund Finder list, the administrator will delete your facility and you will receive deletion  notice via email.

Why doesn't my facility appear in the fund finder ?

Once you have entered your account and completed the form with all data on your Facility, you must check "Ready to submit fund" (at the end of the submission form) to officially submit your Facility to the ICA administrator.
After submission, the ICA ensures confidentiality and quality by verifying all Facility data before it appears online. Once this verification and approval are complete, the ICA is committed to posting new facilities within the shortest timeframe possible, but it might take a few days.  Facilities not accepted to appear in the Fund Finder will be informed in the same timely manner.

How can I protect confidential information in fund finder ?

Data requested from Funding Facilities does not include commercially sensitive information. The data within FUND FINDER is generally also available on a funding facility’s organizational website or in their annual reports. The Fund Finder is convenient because  it presents this information in one location.  Also, if you are a fund manager, you can up-date the information yourself.
Any statistics the ICA generates will be presented cumulatively, rather than individually.

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