Commitments by ICA members, 2005-2010

In 2005, the year of the G8 Summit at Gleneagles, commitments of support for infrastructure development in Africa by ICA members totalled US$7 billion. By 2008 this had nearly doubled, to US$ 13.7 billion. The ICA’s Annual Report for 2009 indicated that commitments rose by 42% from the 2008 figure, to US$19.5 billion. At their Gleneagles summit in 2005, the G8 committed themselves and other donors to doubling aid to Africa by 2010. In the infrastructure sector, this commitment was achieved a year early.

Commitments made by ICA members in 2010 were US$29.1bn, more than half of the total volume and a substantial hike, of 46%, from 2009.

North Africa received 31% (US$8.9bn) of total commitments, mainly from multilateral donors, and ranks at the top position. Strongest contributors are the EIB with US$2.6 followed by the World Bank (US$1.9bn), African Development Bank (US$1.5bn) and Japan (US$1.4bn).

Second is the Republic of South Africa (23%), which enjoyed again an extensive increase in commitments,
from US$4.6bn to US$6.7bn. Non-concessional lending doubled compared to the previous year, to US$6.4bn. The biggest donor was the World Bank with US$3.75bn followed by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (US$02.34bn) and France (US$0.46bn).

The 2010 total commitment to infrastructure in the East Africa Region accounts for 16% (US$4.7bn), in the West Africa Region 8% (US$2.4bn) and in the Southern Africa Region without RSA 8% (US$2.3bn.) The Central Africa Region received the smallest share of commitments, 6% with US$1.6bn, while 8% (US$2.4bn) of the reported amount was not specified to any particular region.

ICA Total Commitments to African Infrastructure 2005-2010, in billions US$


The figure below provides a summary of trends from 2005 to 2010, visualising the major growth during this period in 2009, where Sub-Saharan Africa received US$7.2bn as non-ODA support, an increase by 167% from 2008. The North African Region experienced a similar growth in 2010 where ODA climbed to US$1.9bn and Non-ODA soared to US$7.0bn. For 2010, total ICA member commitments reported by region were US$26.7bn, while US$2.4bn was unallocated. Further information on infrastructure commitments to Africa from 2005 to 2010, with a regional breakdown and a detailed analysis of the trends in 2009, is presented in Annex 9 of the 2010 ICA Annual Report.


Trends of ICA Total Commitments 2005-2010, in billions US$

Chart showing trends of ICA total commitments 2005-2010.

Source ICA. For the latest figures on all sectors, consult the 2010 ICA Annual Report.


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