Vision, Goal and Purpose


ICA’s vision is that all Africans have access to sustainable and reliable infrastructure services.


ICA’s goal is to increase finance for sustainable infrastructure in Africa from public, private and public-private sources.


ICA’s purpose is to place ICA on a firm foundation to advocate successfully for sustainable infrastructure development and finance in Africa.

The Goal is a measurable statement of the higher-level situation to whose achievement ICA is contributing.  It is not intended to be achieved by ICA alone, but by ICA in concert with many other players.

The Purpose reflects ICA’s role as a key platform for catalysing change in Africa’s infrastructure development.  It is then translated into Outcomes that reflect the primary focus of ICA on collaboration between stakeholders, contributing to the removal of technical and policy blockages to infrastructure projects and regional infrastructure programmes, and understanding the sector through better information and communications.

Expected Outcome

  • Enhanced Coordination – Coordination in Africa’s infrastructure development is ICA’s raison d’être to lead to more effective interventions by all stakeholders;
  • Facilitation of Regional Infrastructure Programmes – ICA contributes by using its convening power to bring stakeholders together both to work jointly on the identification and removal of key technical and policy blockages and the financing of regional infrastructure programmes;
  • Increased Knowledge and Information – ICA will develop knowledge and analytical tools that will help to match the demand for infrastructure with the supply.
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